Entrepreneurship: Junior Achievement

Encourage the young to take their ideas and visions and create their own business; that’s the essential message of Junior Achievement. By getting encouraging examples, inspirational ideas and practical advice, a young student can take a dream and make it a reality. Learning how to create a business from scratch and how to run it with help and support from business professionals and teachers. The student company program gives young people a great opportunity to peek into the world of business and get some exciting, risk-free experience. Junior Achievement is supported by Swedbank since we believe it is a great way to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and for young people to gain valuable business experience.

Junior Achievement

Education: “I will be”

Together with Omnitel, Swedbank in Lithuania, launched “I will be” in early 2012. The project encourages exchange of knowledge between schools and the businesses world. The aim of the initiative is to show the value of studying, encourage talents to grow and hopefully help students to find their future career. By coming to classes and teach the students about their work, business professionals along with the teachers, hope to inspire young students to become business professionals themselves in the future and motivate them to study. “I will be” has already drawn a lot of attention from schools all over Lithuania and business professionals. Since the launch of the project’s portal on 1 February 2012, 300 teachers and over 200 business professionals from 44 different companies have signed up to join the initiative to engage young students for the future.

Health: Velomarathon

2010 Swedbank became head sponsor of the bike race Velomarathon which is held in Vilnius at the end of August each year. Pros, amateurs and children are all welcome to compete in the bike race which is held to promote green transport. In 2011, 230 Swedbank employees participated in the race. The initiative Velomarathon contains items that are important for Swedbank, namely: ecology, family, health, road safety and encourages green transportation.