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Responsible business

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In all our work we take economic, social and environmental aspects into account, and we integrate issues such as human rights, environment and anti-corruption into business decisions. This supports risk management and creates value for our stakeholders.


Our ability to assess a company’s value today and in the future is an important part of our savings offering, which largely consists of funds. In fund management, we see sustainability risk as financial risk and therefore assessment is an important part of all the steps in the long-term financial analysis.


Sound, responsible lending is our core business. Before each major credit decision to a corporate customer, we make a risk assessment of economic, social and environmental sustainability. This includes human rights, corruption, the environment and climate.

Accessible banking

We have to know our customers and understand where their money comes from and the aim of their relationship with the bank. This reduces the risk of money laundering or terrorist financing.


Sustainability is integrated into the procurement process in agreements, risk assessments and monitoring for all reported purchases exceeding EUR 50,000.

Environment and climate

Swedbank works actively to reduce consumption of the Earth’s finite resources and to promote a stable climate and energy transformation.

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Managing environmental and social risks

Sustainability risks can rarely be separated from financial risks. As a bank we have an important role to play by factoring sustainability risks into our financing and investment decisions.