Our leadership is committed

Group Executive Committee has set the goals of gender equal pay, gender equal representation and integrating gender equality and diversity into our business for the whole organization. Our managers are responsible for guiding their businesses toward the bank’s shared goals and are evaluated based on it.  Managers receive recurrent training and awareness raising to be up to the task.  We are a proud signee of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and work within the Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future network to advance Diversity and Inclusion in the Nordic region. 

We have zero-tolerance towards discrimination and harassment

Swedbank is an inclusive organization where everyone has a place and is respected – no matter their gender, age, sexual orientation or identity, religion, ethnicity or disability.

There is an absolute zero-tolerance for discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying in Swedbank. We have in place a clear policy, procedures and guidelines on how to both prevent these things from happening and how to act if they have happened. Managers are frequently reminded through trainings, workshops and regular communication on their responsibility in cultivating a respectful culture in their teams and how to behave if unsuitable behavior occurs. It is a requirement both for Human Resources and managers to start an investigation even based on rumors. Information is available to all employees on the company policy and how to act if any discrimination or harassment takes place. Everyone should be safe at work.

Equal Pay is bottom line

Our efforts for equal pay are extensive – men and women working same job should be paid the same – the goal is 0% gender equal pay gap for the whole organization. This principle is integrated into every Compensation and Benefits area process. We have a set salary system where we compare the salaries of men and women in similar positions, no gaps are tolerated, and adjustments made when necessary. We measure and monitor the situation on a regular basis and implement preventive measures during annual salary review and salary setting. Our work to diminish the statistical gender pay gap lies in all the efforts to ensure gender balance in leadership and areas dominated by either gender, as well as creating equal opportunities for development.

We promote equal opportunity for women

Principally everyone in Swedbank has equal opportunities for training and development. We specifically track gender equality when putting together talent and development programs to ensure equal representation. It is also a focus in succession planning and development, and if we see a lack of female talent in some area, we take extra action to develop more women, e.g. the Credit Academy, which is a female talent development program in the Credit area. Our top female potentials also participate in several high-level external development and mentorship programs.

We aspire towards a diverse workforce

We are the bank for the many and believe that a diverse workforce helps us offer better products and services to our clients.  We also do our best to make sure we are not discriminating against anyone during recruitment or employment. Special initiatives for greater diversity are nothing new for us. Job at Last is an internship program offering a first work experience in Sweden to foreign-borns with academic background. In the Baltics we have had projects to bring more age diversity to the organization, as well as created jobs for people with disabilities. To further promote a diverse workforce we offer work-time flexibility to facilitate for employees practicing different religions. For example, this helps our employees when wanting to celebrate specific holidays. At many premises we also have private rooms that can be used for praying purposes.   

Swedbank also have established LGBTQ+ employee network, welcoming both community representatives and allies. The network raise awareness and help an LGBTQ+ friendly environment to flourish within and outside of Swedbank.

Equality is part of the way we do business

Swedbank Robur is the third largest shareholder in Sweden. We appoint a member to the nomination committee in approximately 90 companies where the funds are a major shareholder. Our work in the committees always has the goal of increasing gender balance on the boards of the companies which Swedbank invests in.

As the bank for the many, we employ marketing practices which aim to be inclusive towards all and take special care to weigh our marketing and branding from the view-point of diversity and make sure not to reinforce any negative stereotypes, but rather break them.

We take responsibility in our societies

Swedbank is a vocal advocate for gender equality and diversity in all its’ home markets, participating in networks as well as driving our own initiatives. This has especially been in focus in the Baltic countries, where Swedbank is a driver of gender equality questions, whether it comes to sharing our Equal Pay practice with government institutions and other companies or talking about female leadership in the society via organizing networks, conferences and public initiatives. 

We hold ourselves accountable

We have gender equality targets in place for the whole organization, which we regularly follow-up. There is a central diversity and inclusion activity plan, based on the "investigate - analyse - implement" improvement activity-follow up principle, and complimentary Business Area and country activity plans. The area is led by Group Head of Gender Equality and Diversity, with additional Diversity managers in each home market. Progress in measured on annual basis and disclosed in the Annual Report. We take part in several gender equality indexes and reports (Bloomberg GEI, Equileap, Allbright) to benchmark with other companies and share our successes and challenges in peer networks.