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We focus on sustainable value creation for our stakeholders and therefore aim for competitive return on invested capital and market leading cost efficiency with sound risk management and an excellent customer experience, in combination with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable value creation for our customers, owners and society

An easier financial life for our customers

Customer value is created by servicing our customers with proactive, timely and relevant offerings based on our customers’ needs in our customers’ preferred channel. We focus on having a stable infrastructure and solid digital performance to enable accessibility to products and services when and where needed. Delivering high value towards our customers is a precondition to sustainable profitability and our customers’ choice of Swedbank as a trusted partner for their financial growth.


Competitive return on invested capital and market leading cost efficiency

Shareholder value is created through predictable, long-term, profitable growth and efficiency. We value consistent profitability over fast growth, since it creates stability and predictability for our customers and owners as well as society. Therefore, we do not follow short-term market trends and instead price our products based on risk and capital requirements. A strong financial performance is further upheld by a market leading cost efficiency. It allows us to continuously invest in our products and channels and offer competitive prices to our customers.


Sound risk management

A strong and sound risk management in our operations is the basis for building trust and our long-term survival. It allows us to finance our operations through deposits from the public and funding from the capital market in order to lend money to households and businesses at competitive prices, even during difficult economic times. It further enables us to take informed and sound decisions balancing risks, return and market shares. With the transition towards digital solutions we also target high stability, availability and information security in all our systems to secure long-term customer relationships and trust.


Strong commitment to sustainability

Swedbank’s strong commitment to sustainability is fundamental to our business. We support the green transition in society by minimising our own carbon footprint and through our investments, financing activities and services to our customers. We maintain a high engagement in our society and communities and take responsibility for our structural importance in the financial system by maintaining a strong financial position, robust asset quality and strong capitalisation.