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Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is the shareholders’ governing body, which nominates Board members and the Auditor and proposes their fees, among other things

Nomination committee principles and tasks

The Nomination Committee’s work is founded on the assumption that the Board’s composition should reflect diversity and breadth in terms of the competence, experience and background of its members. An even gender distribution is desirable. The bank’s operations, stage of development and future direction are also taken into account. While it is important that the Board has the support of shareholders, it also has to be independent in relation to the bank and its executive management, as well as to the bank’s major shareholders.

The 2018 AGM decided on the principles for the appointment of the Nomination Committee for the 2019 AGM. They include that the committee will comprise six members: the Chair of the Board and representatives from the five largest shareholders (based on known data on the last business day in August 2018), on the assumption that they wish to appoint a member. The Nomination Committee’s mandate shall be for the period until a new Nomination Committee has been constituted, which is normally in September each year.

Members of the Nomination Committee are:


Name Representing
Lennart Haglund appointed by owner-group Föreningen Sparbanksintressenter, Chair of the Nomination Committee
Jens Henriksson appointed by owner-group Folksam
Ramsay Brufer appointed by Alecta
Johan Sidenmark appointed by AMF
Peter Karlström appointed by owner-group Sparbanksintressenter

The Nomination Committee is to make proposals to the AGM regarding the election of Chair of the AGM, Chair of the Board and other board members. It also makes proposals regarding remuneration to the board members as well as to the auditor and submit proposal for principles for the selection of a Nomination Committee prior to the upcoming AGM. The Nomination Committee’s proposal will be presented in the notice to the AGM and on this bank’s home page under the heading Annual General Meeting.

Shareholders who would like to forward a proposal to the Nomination Committee shall submit a proposal no later than 8 January 2019 either by e-mail to: or by mail to: Valberedningen c/o Swedbank AB, Valberedningens sekreterare, Group Legal, 105 34 Stockholm, Sweden.