By diversity the bank means that every employee, within his/her own abilities, qualifications and life experiences, is part of the collective diversity. Differences, gender equality, diversity and inclusion are to Swedbank ultimately the ability to utilize a variety of experiences and competencies that makes diversity a factor in consistently raising profitability and ensuring that the bank remains an attractive employer. Consequently, gender equality and diversity are of strategic importance.

All employees regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation, sexual indentity or physical disability should have similar access to possibilities and career opportunities. Working conditions, salaries, benefits and other employment terms are designed with the aim of providing equal opportunities and making it easier for all employees to combine work, private life and parenthood. Laws and agreements are minimum levels for the bank's gender equality and diversity work.

Gender equality, diversity and inclusion are areas of knowledge, not a matter of opinion. Knowledge is essential to find the right measures that contribute to diversity and inclusion. To increase equality and take advantage of diversity, any patterns and structures that prevent employees from utilizing their full potential must be altered. The bank's objective is to create groups of people with different experiences and backgrounds and an even distribution of men and women at all levels.

Gender equality and diversity affect all employees and are promoted at all levels of the bank and its subsidiaries. Every manager has a responsibility to promote goal-oriented gender equality and diversity work, which includes implementing changes, spreading information and conducting continuous follow-ups. Leadership that draws attention to, recognizes, values and utilizes differences and similarities among employees ensures them of greater opportunities to reach their full potential. In this way, the bank can better satisfy customers' various needs and identify new and better business opportunities.

A positive attitude towards diversity and inclusion is integrated in and pervades the day-to-day operations across the Swedbank Group.