Since the base year 2010 we have cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half. Consequently, the goal for 2018 has been revised and the new goal is to cut emissions by 60 percent based on the 2010 level.

The large share of our emissions is generated through energy consumption in our properties and through business travel. It is important therefore to increasingly use renewable energy, especially in properties in the Baltic countries, where consumption is usually more CO2 intensive than in Sweden. In 2015 we reduced our total energy consumption by nearly 21 000 MWh and increased the share of renewable energy we purchased compared with the previous year. The move of our head office in 2014 generated significant energy savings, since our energy consumption has been cut in half in our new building, which has been certified by the Swedish Green Building Council and meets the requirements for its highest rating.

In addition, we are working to reduce emissions generated from our business travel. Among the measures we are taking is to travel by train rather than air between certain destinations in Sweden where we have previously relied more on flying. We are also trying to change the way we meet by holding more meetings on digital platforms. In this way we free up more time and resources for our employees while reducing travel times and the impact of our business travel.

We also work actively to reduce internal resource consumption by increasing our electronic archiving and distribution. With e-archiving we are taking the first step in the digitisation of our contracts. As a result, customers can obtain important documents digitally, directly through the Internet Bank, rather than on paper. E-distribution provides secure storage and easy access for the customer, leads to more effective customer meetings, and in the long run reduces the number of printouts.