Installment payments – a flexible financing arrangement

Installment payment plans can be used for financing all kinds of items, such as machinery, vehicles, etc. While the item is owned by your company, it also acts as the bank’s collateral for the investment. Normally, the item represents the only such collateral, increasing your scope to make other investments. You report the item as an asset in your balance sheet, amortising the cost in the normal manner. Installment payments are a flexible financing arrangement. The bank can tailor an installment payment plan to the particular needs of your business. Installment payment plans provide you with a complete overview of the costs. You can always access continuous information on interest rates, payments and remaining debt during the contract period. It is also possible to make additional payments or pay off the remaining debt within the contract period.


Leasing is a flexible form of financing that can be used to finance movable assets such as cars, machinery and IT equipment. Swedbank is the formal owner of the asset and leases it to you as a customer. Usually, the asset can be financed to its full value. The leasing cost is deductible as ordinary rent on your company’s balance sheet. The financing time can be adapted to your needs and to the economic life of the asset.  

Invoice factoring

Invoice factoring entails pledging your accounts receivable as collateral against a loan from the bank. This frees up operating capital that would otherwise be tied up in accounts receivable, transforming it into liquid funds. Normally, the accounts receivable are the sole collateral, increasing your scope to make other investments. In invoice factoring, Swedbank AB is stated as the payee on the invoice, and experience shows that this increases customers’ willingness to pay on time. Your solvency is thus enhanced. The service includes reminders, interest charges on late payments, and collection. Efficient handling of demands for payment reduces the risk of customer losses. As a supplementary service, we can offer printing and distribution of invoices.