An important part och society

As part of the financial system, Swedbank plays an important role in society. By promoting savings and lending money to households and businesses, we contribute to our customers’ financial security and support the national economy. Our business is affected by a number of factors, the most important of which are:


Customer behaviour

Customers are increasingly choosing to bank digitally. At the same time, many still seek personal assistance for more complex issues. Our aim is to make all day-to-day banking digital, but still offer personal help at our physical meeting places.



Our competition consists of traditional banks as well as new firms. To stay relevant for our customers, we must continuously improve our offerings in among other ways by analysing our large customer base to design more tailored services and products for example.


Macroeconomic development

As an integral part of the economy, we are dependent on economic development globally and locally. To stay competitive and relevant, we must be able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.



The banking sector is subject to a number of regulations, which are designed to among other things increase financial stability and improve customers position. This affects the competitive landscape and how we price our products.


Financial crime 

Banks are often being targeted by financial criminals. To increase security for our customers we therefore have to continuously improve our processes and