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2019-06-19 15:30

Swedbank's Extraordinary General Meeting 2019

Today Göran Persson was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors's at Swedbank’s Extraordinary General Meeting. The General Meeting also adopted that there shall be nine elected board members. Furthermore, Bo Magnusson and Josefin Lindstrand were elected as Board members.

In connection with the Extraordinary General Meeting, the Board members Ulrika Francke, Peter Norman, and Siv Svensson resigned from their positions. After the Extraordinary General Meeting, the Board of Directors consists of Göran Persson, Bodil Eriksson, Mats Granryd, Kerstin Hermansson, Bo Johansson, Josefin Lindstrand, Bo Magnusson, Anna Mossberg and Magnus Uggla.

Ulrika Francke’s and Anders Karlsson’s speeches to the Extraordinary General Meeting will be available on Swedbank's website,

For further information please contact:
Unni Jerndal, Press Officer, tfn + 46 73 092 11 80
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