Proposal on authorization issuance of convertiblesShareholders who wish to submit proposals to the AGM must submit a written request to the board of directors. Such request must be provided to the secretary of the board of directors no later than seven weeks ahead of the AGM, i.e. on 7 February 2019.


Shareholders can sign up to attend Swedbank's AGM 2019 here.

Published documents

Convening notice to the AGM

Letter from Gernandt & Danielsson, Swedbank's law firm, addressing "discharge from liability"

The Swedish Corporate Governance Board's brochure on discharge of liability

Agenda item number Name of document
2, 11-16 The nomination committee's proposal
  Information on proposed board members
4 Proposed agenda
17 Proposal on guidelines for remuneration to top executives
  The Board's evaluation of the application of Guidelines for Remuneration to Top Executives
18 Proposal on acquisition of own shares
Proposal on authorization on acquision of own shares
  The Boards statement on agenda items 18-19
20 Proposal on authorization issuance of convertibles
21a Proposal on performance and share based remuneration program Eken 2019
21b Proposal on deferred variable remuneration in the form of shares under the individual program IP 2019
21c Proposal regarding transfer of own shares
22 Proposal to amend the Articles of Association
  Proposed Articles of Association
23 Proposal from shareholder
24 Proposal from shareholder
  Auditor's report