Morning Charts (‘Morgengrafer’, only available in Norwegian)

Morning Charts is our daily analysis of recent indicators from the world’s biggest economies, as well as Norway and Sweden. Using graphs and short texts, the product provides a quick update of the most important macro news, an evaluation of potential trend shifts and market implications.

Morning Charts

Weekly Graphs (‘Ukegrafer’, only available in Norwegian)

Weekly Graphs is our weekly analysis that is published every Friday. This analysis summarizes the most important macro news of the week (taken from ‘Morgengrafer’, the daily publication), as well as an evaluation of last week’s development in FX and interest rate markets. In addition, the analysis contains a calendar of Swedbank’s estimates for Norwegian and international indicators published the following week.

Weekly Graphs

Norges Bank Preview

Norges Bank Preview is published the week ahead of Norges Bank’s interest rate meeting. The analysis summarizes the latest developments in the Norwegian economy, as well as our estimates of what we expect the bank will emphasize in its interest rate setting in the upcoming interest rate meeting.

Norges Bank Preview

Norges Bank Review

Norges Bank Review is published shortly after Norges Bank’s interest rate meeting. The analysis evaluates the bank’s recent interest rate decision and possible implications for the economy and the markets in the time ahead.

Norges Bank Review

Macro First Look

Macro First Look is published shortly after the most important Norwegians macro indicators have been released. The analysis evaluates our estimates vs. actual developments, as well as possible trend shifts and market implications.

Public publications