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Issuing of Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds

With strong interest in sustainability from society, focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, and the introduction of the EU-wide Green Bond Standard by the EU Commission, the market for Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds is expected to be a continued success in supporting the transition to a sustainable economy.

For issuing entities, Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds provide the opportunity to raise funds while adding value by attracting new investors and diversifying the investor base. In addition, sustainable issuance creates more transparent communication, leading to an improved perception of the issuer in the sustainability area.

Becoming an issuer of Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds is a strategic decision and involves a long-term commitment by the issuing entity.

Swedbank’s Green, Social and Sustainability Bond team combines expertise in the credit- and capital markets with knowledge of sustainability and ESG. We are fully committed to offering you guidance and support throughout the entire process of setting up a framework, receiving second opinion and the following bond issuance. Swedbank cooperates with a number of external parties, including second opinion providers for Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds as well as ESG rating agencies.

How can we help issuers of Green Bonds

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