Accessible full-service bank

We are convinced that simplicity and availability are necessary to build the trust and loyalty of our customers. So that customers can manage all their finances with us, we offer a comprehensive range of loans, payment services and savings products, ranging from basic transactional services such as consumer debit and credit cards to more complex advice for large companies and institutions. Our customers in Sweden and the Baltic countries can simply manage their finances through a distribution network comprising efficient digital solutions for day-to-day banking as well as more extensive personal advice.

Offerings based on customers needs

Offering customers what they need and expect is critical to building trust and loyalty when digitisation gives customers more choice. By analysing the customer data we have and drawing on our advisors’ competence, we can more easily identify the financial services and products our customers need and more precisely target our offerings.

High cost efficiency

Greater transparency and more options for customers through digitisation also mean more price pressure on a number of banking products and services. To create value for customers, which requires both investments and competitive prices, our goal is to be the market leader in cost efficiency. This affects everything from how much capital we tie up to how effectively and well we work together.

Low risk

Keeping our risks low is the foundation to building public trust. It allows us to finance our operations through deposits from the public and funding from the capital markets as well as to lend capital to households and businesses at competitive prices and create sustainable growth. We achieve this through stable profitability combined with high-quality lending and solid capitalisation, but also through our ability to quickly adapt to changes in the market.